Daofile – Premium Account

Daofile.com is a well-known, highly-reliable cloud storage service that has gained immense popularity in a short span. The service was introduced to provide easy and quick access to upload, backup, and store massive data from any location you are at.  

The Daofile algorithm works by exchanging indexes through the web on a random basis, and it even safeguards better deals to ensure the highest level of anonymity. However, to gain access to all these worthwhile services of uploading, storing, and sharing important files with others, one needs to upgrade to a Daofile Premium account.

Upgrading to a Daofile premium account opens up great opportunities and benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.  

Introduction To Daofile.com

Daofile is a popular file-sharing platform that has transformed the way we use to store and share data. It brings the freedom and flexibility of managing your data online. The cloud storage provider allows users to host their sensitive files, audio, videos, and images and flash them all in one place securely.

The simple user interface allows you to drag and drop the file for instant storage on the cloud. From there, you can conveniently share the files with your colleague, friends, and family using a Mac or PC.  

Daofile Premium Benefits

Daofile.com offers two comprehensive membership plans for its users, a free plan and a Daofile premium. Let’s take a look at the benefits you get with these plans.

Maximum file size1MBUnlimited500 MB
Storage capacity10325 GB49 GB
Download volume1GB in 3 days31 GB in 3 days1 GB in 3 days
Remote URL uploadNoYesNo
Download acceleration supportNoYesNo
Downloads resumeNoYesNo
No download delaysNoYesNo
No downloads captchaNoYesNo
No advertisementsYesYesYes
When are the files deletedSeven days after the last download180 days after the last download90 days after the last download

The Daofile free membership plan lets you upload and download files, but there are limited options for download speeds. The user has to wait for the timer and also enter a CAPTCHA code to get the download link and access the main dashboard. However,  these complications won’t bother you with premium membership.

The extraordinary benefits of Daofile premium that can simplify your life immensely are as follows:  

Unrestricted Downloads

The premium plan lets you download your files immediately after signing up for a Daofile premium account. There would be no suspensions, and all it takes is one click to start the download process saving a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, you will also get the privilege of unlimited parallel downloads, which is a gem for business owners or someone who needs to upload numerous files to the cloud at once.

No Captcha Code

Free members of Daofile have to enter a Captcha code to get a download link or to access their account. This becomes excruciatingly frustrating when you are in a hurry and need to get the work done immediately. At the same time, the Daofile premium account does not have this requirement. You do not need to enter any captcha code to download your content.  

Zero Downloads Delay

There is a short pause after the completion of every download. You cannot start another download without a pause.  The system takes a few minutes to let you access a new file for download. But premium membership lets you start the next download without any delay time.  

No Advertisements

The free account has numerous irritating advertisements popping up that hinder the workflow and make it frustrating to get done with the task. However, the Daofile premium account lets you have a pleasant file management experience without the disturbance of advertisements, making you complete your work efficiently.  

Download Volume

The free and registered account of Daofile only has access to download 1GB of data in 3 days, but the premium account lets you download 31 GB of data. It is an awesome feature, as 31 GB is a great volume for anyone looking to download numerous files in a day.  

Downloads Resume

Certain broken links or poor connections often result in disconnection while downloading a file. In some cases, you will have to start the entire downloading process from the start. But with the Daofile premium account, the download will resume from where it left in case of reconnecting instead of starting from the start.  

Unbelievable Storage Capacity

The biggest getaway of the Daofile premium plan is the ability to enjoy a maximum capacity of up to 10325 GB compared to the 500 MB offered in Registered plans. Not only this, premium members also get to enjoy unlimited file sizes against the mere 1MB and 500 MB file sizes offered in free plans. This safe and secure space lets you store huge amounts of data without any worries.  

Daofile Refund Policy

Daofile has a strict refund policy for its premium subscribers in case of downtime. You can get a full refund after three days of subscription for 30, 90, 365 days or lifetime purchase plans. It guarantees the authenticity of the platform and that your money is safe with them.  

Daofile Practical Price Plans

Compared to other hosting companies, Daofile has some cheap premium plans. The premium plans are perfect for business and individual usage.  

daofile premium price

Daofile offers four different premium offers to cater to the needs of all types of users.

31 days90 days365 days999 days
Monthly fee$19.95$39.95$89.95$129.95
Daily fee$0.64$0.44$0.24$0.13

Final Thoughts

Daofile.com is a reliable file hosting service that comes with great plans and even better features and services. We highly suggest you upgrade to a Daofile premium account to enjoy a wonderful storage solution that is hard to find anywhere else.  Not only this, Daofile also lets you download music, movies, games, apps and a lot more.